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Have instant access to loads with the highest and most exclusive prices.

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About EmpireLoad

Empire Load is a simple, efficient, and easy-to-navigate app that gives drivers/users a secure way to find loads.

We’re here for you 24/7 every day of the year. We’re right by your side, from booking loads to unloading them.

Best App Yet!

Once you sign in, you can stay logged in and find loads to deliver that are tailored to your location and preferences. You become your own boss.

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Great Application Ever

Book the loads that you want, make money wherever you decide to go, & decide how and when you want to get paid; bid, accept, & get paid immediately with Quickpay.

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Powerful Features As Always

Fast & Powerful

You will get load anywhere you are as fast as you get online in your app.

Easy LoadBoard

You will find loads respect to your truck size.

Cloud Storage

All data and your history are stored in the our servers as encrypted.

Easy Notifications

You will be notified on any events like New Load, Payment and etc...

Fully Responsive

You can have access to our LoadBoard from any devices.

Fast Support

Our support team are near you 7/24.


Our Client Loves US

Rober Haynes

So far so good.

Consistent improvements and excellent support response times. A win-win proposition for all wanting to simplify life and work organically.

Lida Maleki

Easy to make money

Very helpful and away to make money. I love quick pay. Overall nice work!

Mianna Shontia

The were very quick with helping me

The were very quick with helping me with their service and I’m able to get my trucks dispatched even quicker with better loads!

It doesn’t get easier than our design & approach.

No experience or knowledge of applications? No problem! Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use our application and make an income with it.

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Easy Notifications

You will be notified immediately when there are loads near you, then bid on the prices.

Fully Responsive

Our App works on every device with every size, So you can get online everywhere.

Editable Layout

Edit you profile and your vehicle data very easy. You can also edit your bids.

Download The App

The EmpireLoad app is now available. Download it and send in your application. Once your account has been approved, you will have access to tons of loads.

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Payment Plan

Our Awesome Payment Plan

Quick Payment

  • Receive your money
  • right away with
  • a 1% fee
$ 1% /Delivery

Standard Payment

  • Receive your money
  • within a week
  • with no fees
$ 0 /Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Loads?!

Once you sign up and your application gets approved, loads will start being offered to you according to your availability. Then, you will be able to accept or deny them.

I signed up but haven’t received any loads!

Once you sign up, your application still needs to be approved in order for you to start receiving loads. You will be notified when your application is approved.

I signed up but didn’t receive a verification code!

Check to see how your mobile number was entered and follow the (1 xxx xxx xxxx) format. If problems persist please contact us at [email protected].

What is quickpay and what is standardpay?

Quickpay is a service we offer allowing you to be paid within two days with a small fee. Standard pay allows you to get paid within a week without a fee.

My Loadboard is still empty, what should I do?

Check the top right corner in the profile tab on the app. Make sure you’re “online” to ensure that we are receiving your location; once done, loads specified to your location will appear. Contact [email protected] for further support.

Which states do you cover?

Currently, we cover every state in the United States… stay tuned to find out when we start covering more than just the United States!

How do I get loads I’ve bidded on?!

Once you bid on a load, our dispatchers will contact you and assist you further.

How long does it take for me to get paid?

Depends on your preference of quickpay or standard pay!